Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Criminal Legal Services provides payment options for the convenience of our customers. Criminal Legal Services allows payments by payment plan. The standard payment plan consists of three affordable installments before each court appearance, usually occurring monthly. That amount will be paid over the course of your court case to fit your needs. There is no additional cost to pay by credit card or by payment plan. The total cost will not increase or change simply because a client chooses to pay by payment plan. Criminal Legal Services provides other types of financing options and payment plans to fit most budgets; feel free to discuss these options with a Criminal Legal Services attorney free of charge.

Domestic Assault & Violence Defense Lawyer

Allegations of domestic violence are serious and can damage a person’s reputation. It is important to remember that just because you have been charged, it does not mean you have been convicted. Do not just plead guilty or give up hope. At Criminal Legal Services, our attorneys specialize in defending individuals accused of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Charges in Michigan

Michigan law defines having a “Domestic Relationship” as a spouse or former spouse; dating relationship or former dating relationship; child in common; and resident or former resident of the same house. Domestic violence can be physical abuse, emotional abuse, threats, harassment, or stalking within a domestic relationship, and no injury is necessary.


First Offense Domestic Violence (misdemeanor)

  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • Fine up to $500.00

Second Offense Domestic Violence (misdemeanor)

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Fine up to $1,000.00

Third Offense Domestic Violence (felony)

  • Up to 2 years in jail
  • Fine up to $2,500.00

Aggravated Domestic Assault

Aggravated Domestic Assault is defined as inflicting serious or aggravated injury without a weapon on a individual who you are in a “domestic relationship” with.  A domestic relationship can be any of the following, a spouse or former spouse; a dating relationship; child in common; or a resident or former resident in the same household.


First Offense Aggravated Domestic Assault (misdemeanor)

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Fine Up to $1,000.00

Second Offense Aggravated Domestic Assault (felony)

  • Up to 2 years in jail
  • Fine up to $2,500.00

Defending Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence cases are often “he said, she said” and there are always two sides to every story. Domestic Violence offenses can involve misdemeanor or felony charges; including possible jail time. At Criminal Legal Services, our lawyers focus on keeping their clients out of jail and making the process as painless as possible.

When our clients are charged with Domestic Violence the first thing your lawyer will do is, obtain all discovery from the State Prosecutor; interview all witnesses, including the alleged victim; and determine whether there is any validity to the case.

Your lawyer will then discuss with you whether they feel your case can be dismissed or won at trail.

In the situation your case is one best suited for a plea-bargaining, your lawyer will negotiate with the prosecutor, having the focus of keeping you out of jail.

Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

At Criminal Legal Services, our attorneys have had enormous success in defending domestic violence cases; some of those results can be viewed under the “Results” section of our website. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced domestic violence lawyer. Any misdemeanor or felony carries the possibility of jail time; therefore, you must have the best domestic violence lawyer in the business to handle your case. Having the right lawyer can make all the difference.

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