Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Criminal Legal Services provides payment options for the convenience of our customers. Criminal Legal Services allows payments by payment plan. The standard payment plan consists of three affordable installments before each court appearance, usually occurring monthly. That amount will be paid over the course of your court case to fit your needs. There is no additional cost to pay by credit card or by payment plan. The total cost will not increase or change simply because a client chooses to pay by payment plan. Criminal Legal Services provides other types of financing options and payment plans to fit most budgets; feel free to discuss these options with a Criminal Legal Services attorney free of charge.

Minor In Possession (MIP) Defense Lawyer

Michigan Law states that a minor shall not or shall not attempt to purchase, consume, or possess alcoholic liquor, or have any bodily alcohol content. A minor who violates this is guilty of a misdemeanor. At Criminal Legal Services, our attorneys are experienced in defending MIP – Minor In Possession cases.

A person under the age of 21 with possession of alcohol, or with a BAC over .02, or who has admitted that they consumed alcohol can be charged with a MIP.


First Offense

Deferred Prosecution: If a minor who has a first offense MIP pleads guilty, the court, without entering judgement of guilt, and with the defendant’s consent, may receive probation. Meaning the conviction will not be on your record if you successfully complete the probation terms. The conditions of the probation will include no drug or alcohol use, random testing, substance abuse counseling, community service, monthly reporting, $100 fine plus court and probation fines. Probation term will not exceed 24 months. If the terms of the probation are violated the court may enter an adjudication of guilt. Any individual may obtain only one discharge or dismissal under the Michigan Law. Both the courts and Secretary of State will retain a nonpublic record of the plea and dismissal. If you violate any terms of the probation, a jail term of 30 days can be imposed and the loss of the ability to keep the conviction off your record.

Plead Guilty No Deferral: No jail, $100 fine plus possible community service. This does not have the option to keep the conviction off your record.

Second Offense

  • Probation – if the terms of probation are violated, up to 30 days in jail.
  • $200.00 Fine
  • Drivers license suspended


Third Offense

  • Probation – if the terms of probation are violated, up to 60 days in jail.
  • $300.00 Fine
  • Drivers license suspended


Minor Returning From Canada

In Canada it is legal to drink at age 19. If a minor at the age of 19 or 20 has consumed alcohol in Canada, they can still be charged with a OWI Zero Tolerance offense in Michigan. We recommend you retain an experienced defense attorney if you have been charged with an OWI offense, the attorneys at Criminal Legal Services specialize in defending MIP cases. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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